Best in Class Benefits for Best in Class Employees

According to a recent poll in late 2019 by WalletHUB, Washington State ranked #1 in terms of highest GDP growth in the nation. With a booming housing market, growing tech industry and a historically low unemployment we head into 2020 with the wind behind our sails. However with this success the need for talented and hardworking employees is greater than ever. And the competition to attract that talent is tough. Employers are expected to offer a full suite of employee benefits in order to both attract and retain top talent. Of particular interest from employees is offering health insurance benefits that cover their basic needs.

As employers and employees alike, brace for more potential changes on the national stage in the healthcare industry throughout 2020. Washington State continues to set the standard for affordable and comprehensive health care through association health plans. These plans group businesses in similar industries together. By leveraging the buying power of all participating companies, employers are often able to save significant money on their health insurance costs.

The BIAW Health Trust has been serving members of all sizes for over 25 years in the association health plan environment. The BIAW Health Trust currently has more than 750 business and 13,000 individuals covered under the plan and continues to grow. The BIAW Health Trust is made up of companies of all sizes with the average participating company employing 16 employees. By offering a wide variety of benefit designs and pricing levels, employers have flexibility to pick options that suits their budgets and covers their employees’ needs.

So as we all brace for another year of healthcare debates and ideas on the national level, the BIAW Health Trust will continue to offer best in class benefits to best in class employees. Getting a quote is free. See if the BAIW Health Trust can save your company money like is does for the other 750 member company’s statewide.