Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal in Three Simple Ways

Spring is the best time to revitalize the exterior of your home so set aside a little time now to give your home some extra attention. Updating the appearance of your home is a common home improvement project that adds value to your property by generating a strong return on investment. There are many low-cost updates you can tackle yourself. In fact, home exterior projects can be relatively affordable and simple to complete.

Before you dive into your first project, objectively evaluate the appearance of your home. Try looking at the front of your house from a home buyer’s perspective. What characteristics are immediately eye-catching? You will want to highlight the features you first identified.

Here are three common exterior improvement ideas to help get you started:


Determine what type of lighting will enhance the look and safety of your home. Common exterior lighting includes pathway, landscaping, porch and security lights. If you’re adding a front porch fixture, make sure the size is proportionate to your space to create a sleek and inviting look. The fixture you select should support the total wattage you need for proper illumination. Be sure to keep in mind the availability of outdoor outlets. You may want to consider solar powered outdoor lighting.


If your home exterior is chipped, cracked or overall feels dated, add a fresh coat of paint. A color change to the front door, garage door or window trim can refresh the exterior of your home. The front door is the focal point of the home. 

Examine the condition of your front door before adding new paint. If your door is weather worn or simply beyond repair, it might be time to have it replaced. While purchasing a new door is an expense, it adds instant curb appeal, especially if you select a bold color.


A well-manicured front lawn can make all the difference in beautifying your home exterior. If your yard needs attention, start with a basic clean-up. Try pruning trees, trimming shrubs and removing weeds to give your yard a fresh look. Plant a tree or add flowers to spruce up your yard. Plants can flourish without a significant amount of maintenance if you select greenery compatible with the local climate. There are plenty of ways to keep your grass healthy and green. You can find low-maintenance lawn care tips at or contact one of our members that specializes in landscaping by clicking here

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