Class Schedule

Master Builders Association of Pierce County works directly with the BIAW Education Program to host classes beneficial to our industry. Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) offers an award-winning, comprehensive education program supporting the needs and requests of BIAW and MBAPC members. We are committed to helping you advance the depth of your professional experience. Whether you’re looking to enhance your technical and professional knowledge in new technology, business strategies, marketing techniques, management skills, or constantly-evolving consumer demand, the BIAW Education Program offers a wide range of options. New programs, timely seminars and industry workshops on important builder issues are consistently being added to the program. Using an approach tailored to fit the broad scope of our members, BIAW offers a variety of courses in several categories. Please visit to explore class schedule and course offerings.

Class Schedule, BIAW Education Program

The AHC works with the Master Builders Pierce County to help make a positive political environment for the housing industry. Hammer Club members receive many perks with their participation, each set to their donor level. For example, Platinum Hammer members receive preferential seating at Master Builders Pierce County events and may attend candidate interviews as well as many other benefits. Members at all Hammer Club levels earn the option to have their name listed on the Master Builders Pierce County website and receive a Hammer Club pin.

Hammer Club membership includes the following levels of annual support:

Why get educated?

Learn challenges the building industry faces, get a leg-up on your competition by increasing your industry knowledge, understand how builders do business and make profitable decisions, develop relationships with potential customers, and network with other members.

Improve Quality of Work

Employees take more pride and ownership of their jobs, improved attitudes, work more accurately, better communication skills, more assuring and responsive, and employees are more willing to get involved.

Reduced Error Rate

Employees with better basic skills make fewer errors, which means less repetition of tasks thus cutting costs and improving quality of work.

Better Safety Record

Employees have fewer accidents; less lost work time due to injuries and reduced worker compensation payments.

Employee Retention

An employee who feels value in their company will stay with that company for as long as they can. This helps reduce recruiting, training and other costs associated with turnover.

Customer Retention

Better communication, problem solving skills, better interaction and increased referrals. Employers who improve employee job performance will strengthen their bottom line. Working together helps to build a stronger, more prosperous unity. By becoming educated, you continue to uphold the professionalism of our industry.