Design Professionals Council

This council works to bring greater value to its members through effective education programs and opportunities to interact and network with those in the industry. The Design Professionals Council (DPC) is a community of individuals from diverse construction design fields and professions that desire to improve the business and economic welfare of the building industry in Pierce County.

Design Professionals Council Logo

The Design Professionals Council promotes education programs, develops new courses, and creates an environment rich in opportunity for members to interact and network through council-sponsored events. Joining DPC is an opportunity to become a part of a unique network of decision makers in the industry.

Chair: John Sullivan, Olympic Landscape, LLC
Vice-Chair: Marie Pope, LIXIL Americas
Staff: Cassie Aberle, 

Membership dues are $50 annually and is open to all design professionals, contractors or suppliers of components and materials incorporated directly into construction projects. 

Design Professionals Council Events