GRIP – Local Retro Program

grip logo2What is a retro program?

Retrospective Rating (Retro) is an incentive program offered by Labor & Industries (L&I). In Retro you can earn a partial refund of your workers’ compensation premiums if you prevent workplace injuries and manage your claims costs.

What is GRIP?

GRIP is the local Retro for members of Master Builders Pierce County, serving more than 1,100 companies in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. We help employers lower their L&I premiums, maximize Retro refunds, and handle claims effectively.


GRIP is already helping member companies to reduce on-the-job injuries. If your business is committed to safety and injury prevention, then GRIP helps you earn annual L&I refunds and reduce costly business expenses associated with on-the-job injuries. GRIP gives you a team dedicated to helping you with L&I claims, lowering your premiums, and maximizing your refund.

Talk to our experts about:

      • L&I Claims Service – Superior, hands-on assistance from the minute an injury occurs
      • Lower L&I Premiums – As a group, GRIP participants pay nearly $10 million less than base rate
      • Safety Assessments – In-person assessments help you avoid injuries and violations
      • L&I Premium Refunds – Members received over $12 million in combined refunds in 2018
      • Registered Nurse Consultants – We’ll communicate directly with doctors to save you time
      • Return to Work Programs – Finding Ways to help get workers back on the job quickly

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