Theft Prevention Program

Master Builders Association of Pierce County has partnered with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department (PCSD) to prevent construction site theft in Pierce County. Reports of theft from construction sites are becoming more common in the Pierce County area.

Theft of materials can take a serious toll on project cost and completion date. Depending on feasibility and project location, there are a number of ways to approach this problem. We recommend increasing light during off hours, when possible order your deliveries just in time so inventory isn’t left unsecured, and if there are surrounding neighbors – let them know about the construction job. It might be a good idea to communicate your work hours so neighbors can identify any suspicious activity. If you can, secure the perimeter or create a barrier to your project. This will make it harder and more suspicious if thieves approach the job site. We also suggest participating in the Construction Site Theft Prevention Program to further project your job site. The program also allows you to post theft prevention signage on site to deter thieves.

Theft Prevention

How to Utilize the Construction Site Theft Prevention Program

The Master Builders Association of Pierce County and Pierce County Sheriff’s Department have developed an agreement, offering a reward (paid for by builders) for tips that lead to arrest. The signs are available to members of the MBA and the companies are expected to pay reward money of $250.00 to Good Samaritans, if the situation arises that an arrest is made based on a tip.


  1. The business/site that wants to enter into the agreement would contact either Sgt. Joe Brown ( or Amanda Kenyon ( and request to enter into an agreement. Interested parties will purchase the signs from MBA’s website. PCSD requires the signs be at least 30” x 30” so that we can say with certainty they were clearly visible to those entering the sites.
  2. The signs would be posted at various locations around the site, especially at vehicle and pedestrian access points onto the building site. Multiple signs will be required at most locations. The main objective of posting the signs is to make sure that anyone entering the property would have reasonably known it was illegal for them to be at the location so that your company has a stronger claim to prosecute trespassers and thieves. If needed, PCSD can assist with locations to post signs throughout the building site to make them most effective.
  3. Once signs are posted, the business would call PCSD back to complete the agreement. It is important to understand there is no trespass agreement until the form is completed and the report is written. Once contacted, a deputy will return to the site to meet with the site manager. PCSD will complete the form with the site manager and the deputy will write a formal report through their system.
  4. The final piece would be at the completion of construction. PCSD would need the site manager to again make contact to have the trespass agreement revoked.

Sign Details:

Dimensions are 30 ” x 30 “

Custom made with Company Name listed

Sign Options available:

Vinyl Banner with metal grommets – $27.00 + Tax

Coroplastic – $39.50 + Tax

If you have any questions on this process, please call Jessie Gamble at (253)254-0083.