2022 General Election Endorsements

The Pierce County Affordable Housing Council endorses housing-friendly candidates at the local, state and national levels for every election regardless of their political affiliation.

general election endorsements

With increasing regulations on the building industry, which drive up costs, it is more important now than ever to get involved and vote for candidates who understand our issues and will support our industry.

Below you will find the list of 2022 General Election Endorsements for candidates from Master Builders Association of Pierce County and the MBA of Pierce County’s Political Action Committee.

general election endorsements

2022 General Election Endorsements:

Andrew Barkis House Race  LD 2 Pos 1

JT Wilcox House Race   LD 2 Pos 2

Jesse Young State Senate LD 26

Susanna Keilman LD 28 POS 2

Brett Johnson LD 29 Pos 2

Cyndi Jacobson House Race LD 25 Pos 2

Kelly Chambers House Race   LD 25 Pos 1

Michelle Caldier House Race   LD 26 Pos 2

Drew Stokesberry House Race   LD 31 Pos 1

Eric Robertson House Race  LD 31 Pos 2

Phil Fortuanto Senate Race LD 31

Dave Morell County council District 1

Paula Lonergan County Council Seat 7


Note: Please remember to ENCOURAGE your employees to vote for candidates who will stand up for our industry, but do not threaten, intimidate or imply that there will be workplace consequences if your employees do not vote or do not vote for MBA Pierce/MBAPC AHC recommended candidates.  

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