Around the County: February 2019

Despite the second-coming of winter weather we have had, local jurisdictions are starting the heat up and pursue more meaningful legislation, especially as it pertains to building and development issues.

Pierce County:

The Comprehensive Plan Amendments have been working their way through the legislative process at the County. MBA has had its eye on the School Concurrency Application. This first version caused great concern, and the second version seems to be very vague. The MBA is eager to meet with Pierce County staff to get clarification where it’s lacking. You can read more about this topic at our blog here: 

17B Roadway code changes have been given a final hearing date for the Pierce County Council on March 12th. Some LSC members worked on several key amendments to these updates through the Red Tape Reduction Committee Task Force. Among the adopted amendments in the current ordinance are establishing a 44’ ROW and updating the spacing of minor and major driveways from side property line.


Next week, Tacoma will hold a public hearing on its proposed DADU/ADU ordinances on February 19th. For the most part, the MBA is enthusiastic about this legislation and how it can add to affordable and attainable housing stock in the City of Tacoma. Parking requirements (currently “none” for new buildings) as well as the removed requirement for owner occupancy are sure to be under scrutiny by the general public. Design standards, of course, are included in this legislation and will be a feature the MBA will comment in opposition to.


The City of Puyallup is considering an update to its housing choice code, a lot of which also focusses on DADU/ADU legislation as well. City Staff presented to Council last week and received feedback which has staff completely reorganizing how these updates are going to be presented as legislative pieces, meaning the draft ordinance on the website is now outdated. The code updates will likely be separated into smaller, more comprehensible sections. MBA is waiting to receive the new drafts.