As of Today, Only 15.3% of Pierce County Voters Have Voted

The Primary Election is already tomorrow! This year you DO NOT need a stamp to put your ballot in the post box.

AHC Pierce County and Master Builders Association of Pierce County endorse these industry-friendly candidates. 

Dave MorellCounty Council, Position 1Republican
Marty CampbellCounty Council, Position 5Democrat
David OlsonCounty Council, Position 7Republican

 Washington State Legislature

Andrew Barkis2nd LD, Representative (Position 1)Republican
JT Wilcox2nd LD Representative (Position 2)Republican
Kelly Chambers25th LD, Representative (Position 1)Republican
Chris Gildon25th LD, Representative (Position 2)Republican
Michelle Caldier26th LD, Representative (Position 2)Republican
Marty McClendon26th LD, SenatorRepublican
Donald Golden27th LD, Representative (Position 2)Independent
Dick Muri28th LD, Representative (Position 1)Republican
Maia Espinoza28th LD, Representative (Position 2)Republican
Drew Stokesbary31st LD, Representative (Position 1)Republican
Morgan Irwin31st LD, Representative (Position 2)Republican
Phil Fortunato31st LD, SenatorRepublican

Please don’t forget to vote and get your ballots in!!🗳️