Brand Announcement: Meet the New Master Builders

See our Remodel

That’s right – for the last year our brand has been under construction. Along with a fresh coat of paint and a new website, we’re topping out with a new logo that reflects who we are: an association of trusted and knowledgeable members who support the advancement of the building industry to best serve the interests of the local community.

Brand Blueprints

A brand is the personality of a business or organization. Before we started, we held community and member focus groups to collect valuable feedback. Our new brand will elevate what it means to hire a Master Builder. Our mission is to provide leadership and support in the effort for responsible growth while serving as the building industry resource for members, partners, and leaders of our community.

brand personality web

Introducing our new brand values:
Advocate. Unify. Serve. Inform.
We advocate for responsible growth & best practices.
We unify the industry by creating business connections.
We serve to support our community and members.
We inform by sharing relevant information for the building industry.

Logo Development & Brand Personality

Our workshops attended by both members and community representatives found there was confusion behind the MBA acronym. Because of this, we are not using the MBA acronym any longer. So let’s start by calling ourselves as what we are: Master Builders.

With a departure from our traditional dark green color, our new shades of blue represent professionalism, trust, and loyalty. Take a look at the symbolism and meaning behind our mark:

logo construction web

Prior to revealing our new brand identity, Master Builders Pierce County staff have updated our website, social media sites, letterhead, collateral, and more. We’ll need the help of members like you to introduce our new look to the community. New digital assets are now available to all of our members, accompanied by a Brand Guide that outlines how to use each of these tools.

In upcoming months, members will receive an asset kit in the mail detailing ways to promote your affiliation with Master Builders. We look forward to using our brand to bolster positive public perception and increase the value if what it means to hire a Master Builder in our community.

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