Capital Gains, Carbon Tax Bills Opposed by BIAW

This morning HB 2967 was heard in the House Finance Committee. HB 2967 would create a state capital gains income tax, and BIAW is opposed to creating any kind of income tax in Washington State.
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Yesterday, the Senate Ways & Means Committee heard SB 6203. SB 6203 creates a carbon tax, or really creates an energy tax, about a $0.20 tax on each gallon of gas and significant taxes on fuels used to supply heat to homes.

While the bill virtually exempts every manufacturer from the tax, those who will end up paying are consumers who drive cars and heat their homes.

BIAW testified opposed to the carbon tax as our members are the consumer of these products and will not be able to be exempted from paying it on a gallon of gas to get to and from jobsites, to have supplies delivered, and because home purchasers will have to pay the same gas tax and additional taxes on heating their homes.

The bill hits Washington individuals the hardest while attempting to buy off and exempt a whole range of special interests.