Celebrate Career and Technical Education Month

Join the Master Builders as we celebrate Career and Technical Education (CTE) month throughout February

What is CTE?


CTE month aims to raise awareness and ready learners for college and career success. CTE promotes and supports locally-based high school programs that provide real-world technical skills for all students.

Modern education places a heavy emphasis on math, English and history, but with CTE, those subjects are presented with 21st century examples and knowledge.

For example, in math, they can learn how to find the properly measure a room and determine square footage, instead of solving word problems for the same outcome or equation.

Pierce County Skills Center

“The new normal”

Since the pandemic, students have not had a stable learning environment by being forced to online or hybrid teachings. All of this uncertainty has led to more students questioning the college path.

During COVID, many high school students reassessed their career goals. In a time with so many moldable minds and the uneasiness of higher education, CTE can help assist the gap and educate students on other career opportunities.

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Opportunities for the construction industry

Now is the perfect time for the trades to emerge as a viable career option to young people entering the workforce. Nobody can deny the labor shortage skilled trades are facing.

Employee and subcontractor shortages remain widespread and continue to impact the industry, all while student loan debt has risen astronomically.

Exposing students of all ages to the opportunities of a career in trades can tackle the labor shortage head-on.


How you can help

Member involvement is the key to reaching students countywide. It sounds simple, but just showing up and telling your story and the path that took you to where you are now, excites and educated the students. Signing up to volunteer at trade schools, speaking to classes, attending job fairs and sharing out the scholarship and career opportunities are just a few ways to assist in closing the labor shortage gap.

If you are interested in joining the workforce development committee, or learning about more opportunities to help the labor shortage gap in Pierce County, please contact Advocacy Associate Alex Harrington at aharrington@masterbuilderspierce.com.