Governor’s Office Issues Additional Guidance on Construction Activities

As you all know by now, last Friday, April 24th, Governor Jay Inslee announced a plan to allow current construction projects to be completed. Today, he has further clarified the initial guidance memo and issued a guide to frequently asked questions about construction activities.

The guidance clarification is an addition to the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” proclamation, further defining what is allowed as authorized construction. The construction requirements that apply to all previously and newly authorized construction activities in Washington as long as Gubernatorial Proclamation 20-25, or any extension, is in effect.

Per the new clarification, “authorized construction” now includes the following:

  • Construction previously authorized under Proclamation 20-25 and Gov. Inslee’s March 25, 2020, memo on construction. 
  • Construction not previously authorized under Proclamation 20-25 and the March 25, 2020, memo that was in existence on March 23, 2020. For purposes of this memo, “in existence” means construction activity that is a) needed to fulfill an obligation under a contract effective prior to March 23, 2020, or b) authorized by a government-issued permit obtained prior to March 23, 2020.

Read the full guidance here.

The Governor’s Office has also complied FAQs and answers. Read them here.