Hope Begins At Home

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It has been a while since we have had an update on our Habitat for Humanity home, but we are finally able to share some significant news with you: after permit and weather delays, we are finally able raise the first wall of the home on Wednesday, January 12th from 8:30 am – 12 pm! The staff at Master Builders Pierce County wants to thank each and every one of our sponsors not only for your donations and generosity, but for your patience as we have navigated this Habitat for Humanity home sponsorship.  


Constructing This Home with Habitat for Humanity

For those of you who have given a financial donation, your contribution and commitment to this project has helped us make this endeavor possible. However, your financial contribution was just the first step! Your team and company will get build days to help put this home together! Our weekly build day will be Wednesday, and we will run from January to May (although Habitat has hinted our home may finish ahead of build schedule).  


For those of you who are in-kind donors, your donations are literally helping this house come together with the efforts of Habitat for Humanity. Tracey Sorenson and her team (who you have been in contact with) will stay connected with you through the process on when your donations will be needed. If you need help contacting her, please let us know.  


Even though we are entering typical Washington winter weather months, Habitat for Humanity has confirmed that they build in all weather and that scheduled build days will be presumed happening UNLESS Tacoma Schools are closed that day. 



Hope begins at home

The Family We Are Welcoming to the Neighborhood 

We have been so eager to share the Family’s Story with you all but have been waiting for things to firm up! You may remember that our home has 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms which is more than most Habitat for Humanity homes. We are building the home of a family of 6: a couple with 4 kids all under the age of 7. We encourage you all to read their story about how much they have had to overcome and how much this home is going to change their lives. Here is their special thank you to you all: 


“We really appreciate and want to say thank you to Habitat for Humanity, Banner Bank, and Master Builders Association of Pierce County for giving us this opportunity. We are now home owners! We will be able to create a safe haven for our family, a place where we can continue to appreciate what we have, cherish the moments we encounter along the way – the fun, the sad, the bad, and the struggles. We can’t wait to witness the growth in our girls in our forever home. Oh, the memories we will make!” 



Thank you, again, for your commitment, contribution, and patience with this project.