Urge Your Senator to VOTE NO on the Job-killing Ergonomics Bill

Ergonomics Bill


The Washington State Senate is primed to pass the job-killing ergonomics bill ANY TIME in the next week.

SB 5217: “Concerning the state’s ability to regulate certain industries and risk classes to prevent musculoskeletal injuries and disorders” a job crusher even with proposed amendments.

Contact your Senator today and ask them to VOTE NO on this ergonomics bill. 

Voters said NO.

  • SB 5217 REPEALS Initiative 841, which prohibited L&I from re-instituting its costly, burdensome, job killing ergonomics regulations.
  • Voters approved the initiative 54-46% and now the state legislature is threatening to go against the will of the people.
  • The citizens of Washington repealed L&I’s heavy-handed ergonomics regulations because we understood that businesses and workers in Washington cannot afford another costly regulation that will chase businesses and jobs out of our state.

Only Ergonomics law in the nation

  • If SB 5217 passes, L&I will once again have the green light to impose the ONLY ERGONOMICS RULE in the nation.
  • No other state has adopted an ergonomics regulation, and even Federal OSHA has realized that such a rule is unworkable and has NOT adopted such a rule.

Workplace ergonomic injuries declining

  • Even before L&I’s initial attempt to force its ergonomics rule on workers and businesses, ergonomic injuries rates had declined by 28% in the seven years prior.
  • Since the passage of I-841, employers have continued to reduce musculoskeletal injuries WITHOUT MASSIVE NEW Government regulations based upon questionable science and have no regard for costs.

This new law will cost jobs. If you have any questions about SB 5217 please contact Government Affairs Director Jason Gano at jgano@masterbuilderspierce.com.

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