Master Builders Association of Pierce County Members Awarded Over 3 million in Retro checks

Around this time every year, it’s cause for celebration! This year marks one of the highest returns in history of our two L&I safety programs: R.O.I.I. Select and GRIP. Qualifying members received their returns early last week based on success and safety ratings of each program’s grouped scores. We are proud to announce $3 million worth of returns for our members this year. Both programs were neck and neck with their performance making this year’s checks one to celebrate!

Retro rebate programs are currently only offered in three states in the U.S., and Washington State is one of them. Through association membership, our two retro programs GRIP & R.O.I.I. Select allow member companies that pay into L&I with at least two full time employees the opportunity to earn rebates based on safety requirements and good standing. Both programs tout safety plans, return to work with light duty, and safety consultations to help reduce injuries and citations.

Although not all companies qualify, a clear path to inclusion in the program is detailed to those who are denied. It is encouraged to re-apply as benchmarks are met. To qualify and remain active in the program, Master Builders Association of Pierce County membership is required. Many of our member companies attest that the programs are well worth the investment!

We invite members currently not enrolled to inquire by reaching out to Membership Manager Jennifer Murphy at 253-254-0081, or a fellow member participant.

Retro is one of the many benefits that can save our members money. Contact us today to learn about all the ways your company can save money!