A glimpse into a MBAPC member legacy


By Membership and Events Director Cassie Aberle




I recently had the pleasure of getting to know Ken Miller, President of Miller Building Enterprises, Inc. and Master Builder member since 1945. Here is what he had to say about being a member over the last 78 years:


Q.  Why did your company originally join MBAPC?


Ken Miller: My father (Glen Miller) and my 3 uncles ran the company. Back then, it was called Miller Construction Inc. Edward P. Miller, my uncle was one of the first Presidents of the association. He was also active with NAHB and BIAW. The main reason for joining the associations was to be involved with a group that could help the construction trade industry watch over local, state, and national impacts on the emerging building industry. They believed in the mission, as do I.


Q.  After all these years, why do you remain a member?



Ken Miller: The housing associations are still necessary. Someone must watch over the unnecessary code requirements that the government tries to place on the construction trade industry. Not only are they making the purchase of a home unaffordable, but they are also making it unaffordable to stay in your home once purchased. Utilities, insurance, remodel/repair and permit cost, etc… These costs should not be so extreme. Imagine where we would be without the associations fighting for our industry. I am happy to be a member and support MBAPC.


Q.  What is one of your best memories of MBAPC?


Ken Miller: Clarence Wilson, past Executive officer of many years ago. They called him Mr. HBA of TACOMA. We would hold our meetings at Top of the Ocean Restaurant. During that time, there was a limited number of home builders in the area. We all tried to stick together and help each other out. When you took your plans to get approval, there was not too much fuss. Building homes back then, you just did the right thing. We built them to last. We did not need to have all these codes to build them safe.


Q.  Is there anything else you would like to add?


Ken Miller: The Northwest Room at Tacoma Public Library has many photos of properties that we built throughout the years. We built many homes in and around Tacoma. We are proud to have been involved in the evolution of the construction trades industry and are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for MBAPC and its members.

Every day the expertise, knowledge and history our members have with the association and our surrounding communities astonishes me. I am grateful to be at the association and hope as we build the future workforce, the ideas, attitude and passion from the past continue.

If you have any questions about membership, please contact Cassie Aberle at caberle@masterbuilderspierce.com.