Pierce County Proposed Sewer Code (Title 13) Update

The Sewer Division of Pierce County Planning and Public Works Department is now moving forward on the previously proposed Sewer Code (Title 13) Update.  The Sewer Division initiated this update to the Sewer Code in 2016.  The proposal has largely remained the same except for a few additional amendments. Those amendments and changes include the following:

  • General revisions to definitions to create clarity and consistency with division organization, policies and standards
  • Added language regarding expiration date of application and ability to apply for extension
  • Removal of language requiring an insignificant industrial user to apply for a pretreatment review
  • Added language to allow owners of mobile home parks to perform the connection and/or disconnection (capping) of a mobile home with the proper permits
  • Added language to allow the connection of multiple connections to one stub
  • Added language to revise the timing of payment for latecomer connection charges
  • Switched the subsections to better address legal authority to collect and lien for connection charge delinquencies
  • Added language regarding fees and charges for non-compliance cases, including emergency responses and certain sewer code enforcement activities
  • New law removes County’s discretion to enter into a latecomers agreement and mandates the County must contract at the desire of the owner
  • Added language to clarify sewer facilities must be located within the County’s sewer service area and within the County limits
  • Added language to clarify timing of proposal for latecomers agreement and to change/improve general terms for latecomers agreements
  • Extend the amount of time a developer has to provide construction costs from 30 days to 120 calendar days
  • Added and defined Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and revised Multi-Family Residential Class to include ADUs
  • Added language clarifying timing of billing commencement
  • Added new section and language regarding unrecorded sewerage liens being effective for up to one year after delinquent charges
  • Added language to clarify reporting a billing error within 90-days
  • Added the term credit in additional to refund
  • Added new section and language addressing billing adjustments for water leaks
  • Added new language to require customers who enter into a sewer service submetering agreement to provide monthly submetered readings
  • Added new section and language addressing billing customer classification for residential units being used for business activity
  • Add new section and language addressing the availability of reduced rates for low-income seniors and disabled persons

If you have any questions on these changes, please contact Jessie Gamble at jgamble@masterbuilderspierce.com or at (253) 278-8916.