Puyallup City Council Begins To Work on Land Use and Housing Code Updates

At their Council Meeting on March 26th, Puyallup City Council had the first reading of their land use and housing code updates. The ordinance dealt primarily with Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and received extensive public comment.

The MBA submitted a letter stating that updating land use codes is a step in the right direction for the City, yet that there was still work to be done. In the ordinance as presented last week, there were several unnecessary requirements which would discourage people from developing ADU housing types, including architectural design standards and the tree coverage criteria. We requested the establishment of a stakeholder group with planning staff, the MBA, the Realtors, and the Puyallup-Sumner Chamber to ensure good collaboration and the eventual infill development Puyallup is looking for. At the meeting, Councilmember Jacobsen acknowledged our concerns and asked for staff to continue to work on their proposals.

After several hours of public comment and deliberation by councilmembers, the Council decided to extend the current first reading of this ordinance to April 30th.