Q4 Development Officials’ Forum Recap

Earlier this month, the Development Officials’ Forum met over Zoom to discuss local issues, staffing shortages, permit numbers, and efficiencies gained. The jurisdictional updates are below:

Pierce County

  • Inspectors are dispatching from home
  • 14-day review time
  • Revised their documents for Base Plans, limiting restrictions, on options (reach out to Jeff Rowe with questions)

Bonney Lake

  • Only 84 SF permits YTD, no MF
  • New commercial buildings in East Town
  • Same staffing levels all year; people are fully working and working from home
  • Universal Base Plans are still being worked out


  • All permits were extended to November 1st
  • Working from home for staff is efficient; inspectors are also dispatching from home
  • Timelines on permits: levels of service are being met; the City is working towards 2-week turnarounds
  • Down to 2-3 review
  • Understaffed; not hiring for new positions yet


  • 6-8 week turnaround
  • Staffing: plans examiner retired right before COVID; have been understaffed ever since
  • City has relied on outside sources to keep up with flow
  • Advocating for MFTE legislation to be expanded
  • Considering a department re-organization
  • Combining GIS with the County’s


  • 2-week turnaround times
  • Fully staffed; just hired a new permit tech.
  • Implementing CityView
  • Looking at all permitting timelines to determine areas of improvements
  • Updating inwards and outwards dashboards

University Place

  • Jan-Aug: 600 building permits and over 2,000 inspections
  • Rolling out a new permit system via InterGov
  • Adopting a new form-based code (no density caps in regional base center)

Gig Harbor

  • Lost a lot of staff; City has been slow to rehire
  • Seeing long turnarounds in SF
  • Staff is working from home; considering reorganization for inspections
  • Code-enforcement has quadrupled


  • Running behind on workflow due to COVID; contracting with a third party
  • Currently seeing 6-8 week turnarounds
  • Went from 100% paper to 100% paperless during COVID