Rick Hjelm, Phase II General Contractor Inc to Earn New Certified Builder Designation

Rick Hjelm, Phase II General Contractor Inc recently completed all the requirements and earned the BIAW Certified Builder designation, considered the preeminent professional certification available to builders within the home building industry in Washington state.

certified phaseii

BIAW’s Certified Builder designation is a comprehensive accreditation program with standards that far exceed what Washington law mandates for registered contractors. BIAW will also launch a full-scale consumer marketing campaign to help position Certified Builders more highly in the marketplace, a first for any kind of program offered by BIAW.

To earn this designation builders must: 

  • Submit References. Certified Builders submit a list of suppliers, subcontractors, and homeowner references for projects completed in the past 5 years for review and verification.
  • Provide Education and Work Experience. Certified Builders provide a list of all of their work experience and education, including professional designations.
  • Comply with a Superior Code of Conduct. They must agree and follow a well-defined set of standards as professionals in the home building industry.
  • Provide Greater Insurance Coverage. All builders must maintain insurance coverage that surpasses the minimum general insurance coverage required by state law.
  • Offer Homeowner Warranties. All BIAW Certified Builders must provide home buyers with a homeowner warranty.
  • Use Clear Contracts. Certified Builders must use contracts that clearly define the construction agreement between the homeowner and the builder.
  • Agree to Mandatory Binding Arbitration. Certified Builders offer arbitration to their homeowners as an alternative to litigation, which reduces cost and time and allows for greater privacy, informality, flexibility and finality.
  • Provide a Homeowners Guide. Certified Builders must provide maintenance guides to all homeowners to help with the care and maintenance of their homes.

For more information about the features, rewards, and application review process of the BIAW Certified Builder designation visit our dedicated website at https://biawcertifiedbuilder.com.

Source: BIAW Press Release