Updated Letter to Industry re: Returning to Work in Phase 1

The following is a letter from Puget Sound Energy:

May 4, 2020

Building Community Partners:

As the Governor has permitted “low risk” new construction to proceed, we look forward to working with you on your projects again.

With the new requirements for COVID-19 safety, to support your COVID plans, we will be asking for the name and contact information of your COVID-19 site supervisor to document in our job files. We will check in with this person when on site, as project managers perform the inspection for construction readiness; and will pass on the information to our construction crews.

For your information, attached (linked below) are the COVID-19 safety plans for our service providers, Potelco and InfraSource, as well as the expectations for PSE employees in the field. This will hopefully provide you with what we are requiring of ourselves to comply with the State and to ensure safety of you, your team and our employees.

Transitioning to a new normal under these new requirements is unchartered territory. As we transition our crew resources, some of which were on furlough, we remain committed to meeting our targets but also anticipate that delays may occur. We appreciate your patience as we work through the transition and strive to minimize the impacts.

Thank you for understanding that safety of our customers and employees remain our top priority and deeply held company value.

Jennifer Tada
Director, Customer & System Projects
Puget Sound Energy 

Booga Gilbertson
Vice President and Chief Operations Officer
Puget Sound Energy 

>> PSE Employees – Returning to work in the field
>> Potelco COVID-19 Safety Plan
>> Infrasource COVID-19 Safety Plan