Verizon 5G and Your Business: Real-time Response and Experiences

As the world grows more connected and the pace of business accelerates, fast is no longer fast enough. The growing expectation from consumers is response and experiences in real time.


For businesses, the emergence of practically instantaneous information delivery will result in faster, deeper and more actionable business intelligence and tools.

Are you ready for these next generation advancements in digital marketing, wireless media delivery, immersive experiences and data-driven business intelligence?

Verizon invites you to dream big and we have a way you can save on your Verizon monthly access fees, as well as new devices for this great leap in technology.

Here’s the good news…
Through our partnership with National Purchasing Partners (NPP), members can receive a corporate discount on Verizon that provides eligible business members 22% off their Verizon monthly access fees. Once a business has the Verizon NPP discount, they can even share a similar Verizon deal with their employees. Then you can take the faster network for a spin… for less.

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NPP is a member benefit provider of  Master Builders Association of Pierce County.

*Restrictions may apply.