Honoring and Celebrating Our Associates: September is Associate Appreciation Month

associate appreciation awards

As we embark on September, a month of celebration and appreciation, it’s time to shine the spotlight on our esteemed Associate members. These individuals and businesses form the backbone of our association, making up approximately two-thirds of Master Builders’ membership.

Who are these extraordinary Associate members?

They encompass a diverse range of industries, including subcontractors/specialty trade contractors, professional specialties, retail dealers/distributors, financial services, wholesale dealers/distributors, and many others. Their contributions are multifaceted, covering a broad spectrum of expertise and skills that synergize with the efforts of our other members.

Numbers don’t lie

The latest “Who Are NAHB‘s Associate Members?” report reveals fascinating insights into the economic prowess and diversity of our Associate members. In 2020, they reported a median gross revenue of $2.4 million, showcasing their significant impact on the industry. Moreover, the average employee base of 84 employees indicates the employment opportunities they create, contributing to the growth of local economies and communities.

National Women in Construction Week

One remarkable highlight is the increase in female Associate members, reaching its highest level since 2008 at 24%. This growth signifies the progress made towards diversity and inclusivity in our association and the construction industry as a whole. We are proud to have a community that fosters equal opportunities for all its members, regardless of gender.

Master Builders Celebrates Associates

Throughout this entire month, we come together to acknowledge the efforts of our valued Associate members. They bring expertise, innovation, and a collaborative spirit to our association, enriching our collective goals. Their commitment to excellence and professionalism enhances the reputation of our organization and helps us thrive as a cohesive unit.

While we dedicate September to Associate Appreciation Month, we also recognize that their contributions extend far beyond these 30 days. Each project completed, every challenge overcome, and all the goals achieved are a testament to their dedication and passion for their work. They inspire us with their drive to elevate the construction industry and foster an environment of mutual support and respect.

Master Builders Scholarships

Here’s to a month of celebration, appreciation, and unity as we honor our esteemed Associate members. Your hard work and dedication inspire us all, and together, we look forward to a bright future filled with shared accomplishments.

For more information about Associate Appreciation Month, please contact Communications Director Bailee Butcher at bwicks@masterbuilderspierce.com.