Don’t Miss BIAW’s 2018 Legislative Reception!

BIAW’s Legislative Reception is on Tuesday, Feb. 27 at the RL Hotel in Olympia from 7 – 9 p.m. We’ll be celebrating our Fix Hirst! victory, and Washington legislators will be joining us to hear from members about BIAW priorities and pressing issues facing the home building industry.

BIAW has prepared a number of talking points on important topics and bills impacting housing construction in our state. During the reception, please feel free to raise and discuss the following points with lawmakers:

Reform the Building Code Council
Support HB 1622: State building code council reforms

  • Clarifies membership and requires that private sector representatives must remain in the private sector 
  • Industry representatives must be chosen from nominees of trade associations
  • Makes all codes significant legislative rules, which requires more cost analysis
  • Spreads funding to all that utilize codes — adds fee to architects and creates a two-tier fee structure for residential and commercial permits 

Reform Condo Liability
Condos are one piece of the affordability solution, but developers are wary of building condos due to liability 

The Legislature Should: 

  • Address condo defect claims and reform condo warranty provisions 
  • Ensure condo owners have a voice in litigation decisions against contractors
  • Expand the right to cure construction defects
  • Not extend tolling of construction defect claims 

Say No to Taxes!

OPPOSE HB 2967: Capital gains income tax  

  • This bill hinders builders’ businesses and hurts the ability to sell businesses 
  • Capital gains tax is an income tax, not an excise tax

OPPOSE SB 6203: Carbon tax 

  • Taxing consumers on their energy hurts Washington residents at all income levels 
  • Builders drive to jobsites and have materials delivered — all using fuel. An additional 20¢ per gas gallon only drives up costs with very little benefit to the environment or traffic congestion

OPPOSE HB 2940: Business & occupation taxes 

  • A 6% surcharge on $1 million gross receipts is unconscionable for builders; builders rate of return isn’t high, even when home prices are high. This will cripple Washington homebuilders and add to the home affordability crisis 
  • Causes uncertainty as Dept of Revenue is given surcharge rate adjustment authority — businesses won’t be able to plan 
  • Don’t rob “Peter to pay Paul” — this bill forces a huge tax increase on many to offer a small deduction to a few

Workforce Development
Homebuilders need skilled labor. It’s time Washington’s K-12 system encouraged careers in construction

SUPPORT HB 2641: Industry volunteers in schools

  • Gets Washington’s 7th and 8th graders interested in trades and industries 
  • Allows industry to directly connect with students to demonstrate positive examples of career options 
  • Introduces junior high school students earlier to the trades 

SUPPORT SB 6486: Workgroup on expanding apprenticeships

  • Construction needs a pipeline of skilled labor for good paying jobs 

Washington needs to allow for more apprenticeships of all kinds