Q&A with Linda Jadwin

Kitchen Tune Up wins company of the year

Q&A with Linda Jadwin

It is National Women in Construction Week. Today we are featuring Linda Jadwin of Kitchen Tune-Up Tacoma. Jadwin also won a 2022 Remodeling Excellence Awards and was named 2022 Company of the Year at the President’s Gala and Awards Celebration.

Here is Linda Jadwin’s Story:

Q: What led you to this career path?

A: I was teaching entrepreneurs how to operate a franchise broker business and had numerous interactions with Kitchen Tune-Up Corporate. I loved it was woman owned and offered a scalable model with training and a niche market in the construction industry. I had a home project that I could not find anyone to do, this was the company that could. There were none in the area at the time so I decided to buy one.


Q: What three traits do you think were instrumental to your success in your career?

A: Resiliency, Determination and Flexibility


Q: Were there any hurdles or obstacles you faced in the industry?

A: Not really, kitchens and women seem to have a great synergy. There were much more hurdles when I ran an underground utilities company.


Q: What community service, volunteering or organizations do you actively participate in?

A: I am active with Bates Technical College Foundation that ensures student success, Tacoma Executives Association, and Master Builders Pierce County. I am on three committees and two boards.


Q: What advice would you give to women thinking about entering the skilled trades?

A: Go for it. I can install cabinets, reface, paint, refinish and run the company. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others, women bring their whole community with them when we run a business, we think of who we know that our business can help. We stay local as much as possible and want others to achieve success as we do.


Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

A: Don’t overlook franchises, there are many service industries that are tied into the trades. It really does give you a jump start on getting your business running and profitable. There is room for every business in the sand box of Pierce County Construction.



Thank you, Linda for your incredible leadership and dedication to our association and industry. If you would like more information about Women in Construction Week, please contact Bailee Butcher at bwicks@masterbuilderspierce.com.